We are crafting startups

⚡ We're developers, directors, strategists, designers and awkward dancers.

We are a small team of Swiss Army Knives and a startup studio on a mission to create problem-solving, game-changer autonomous SaaS and Mobile Apps. Our journey started in 2020 with a weekend project. Today, we run profitable digital ventures with thousands of users from 40+ countries.

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🏝️ Where are we?

We are established in Tallinn, Estonia on 26.11.2020 as a private limited company; Bytelus OÜ. We were fully remote from day 1 but after our founder moved to Mediterranean heaven Antalya, Turkey then most of our team decided to move to the same place and then we settle our fancy office there. However, we still mostly work remote or hybrid.

🏛️ Our core values

⚡ Solid products, solid results
⚡ Do it with passion and fun
⚡ Product is boss
⚡ Better is better
⚡ Automize, automize, automize…

🎯 Our vision

⚡ Creating digital products that will benefit the future of the world and society.
⚡ Helping the human race to reach a higher level with the revolutionary power of technology.
⚡ Supporting scientific and technological activities working for the good of existence and the world.

⚙️ Technologies we use

Java, PHP, VueJS, JavaScript, Flutter, Dart

PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Redis

Github, Kubernetes, Docker