Bytelus is a technology company established with the vision of developing and operating digital ventures and projects within its own structure. We are trying to do revolutionary disruptive things other people think are crazy but we are super excited about. Our motto is “ad astra per aspera”, which is a popular Latin phrase meaning “a rough road leads to the stars.”


  • Create digital products that will benefit the future of the world.
  • Help human race to reach a higher level with the revolutionary power of technology.
  • Support scientific and technological activities working for the good of existence and the world.

How Bytelus born?

Bytelus born after Radiolize’s success, which became a global cloud SaaS that operates in digital audio streaming. Since we had more crazy ideas and strived to do more, instead of creating a conventional company called Radiolize, we created a roof company for our projects. The name comes from “Byte” and “Zeus” which also reminds us the lovely place Olympos in Antalya / Turkey.

Born under the lovely palms in Antalya, Turkey on 20 May 2020, established in Tallinn, Estonia on 26.11.2020 as a private limited company; Bytelus OÜ.